Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Success from Arun

This first picture is Arun at the first I AM challenge workout. He is struggling with 65lb hang cleans. The second picture is Arun lifting 215lb on a dead lift. THAT is a change. A major change. He is inspiring to everyone he meets and spreads the good word of Crossfit.

When I first started training we did a workout called "Christine" which has a body weight deadlift in it. He used 65lbs. That was obviously a while back!! He is my success story! Our training has come light years from where we started.

Now its time for Arun to kick up the weights and get mean! Lean and mean that is. There is a point where you reach goals and have to make new ones. He is there now. I am excited to see what he does before 2010 is done.

1 comment:

  1. The orange shirt made me look fat :)

    Back then I had a back problem. And couldn't run 400m or hang clean 65 lbs. Didn't know what a burpee was. Now I look forward to my lean lifting class and play better soccer than ever *after* that.