Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Zilker Relays

This past weekend I participated in the Zilker Relays. I was not excited about it coming from a "former runner" status. I knew that all this heavy lifting had to have an effect on my running. I felt slow, heavy, but strong. Megan convinced me it would be ok. So 3 hours after an intense back and front squat lifting session the race was on. My legs felt like bricks...however everything else felt great! The race was 2.5 miles and I smoked it! 17:10 was my time. That was awesome for me!!! Maybe slow for some of you runners out there, but I'm lifting a ton of weight AND running at that pace. All the heavy lifting has paid off for road races....never thought I would say that.

If you are on the fence about crossfit and how it would affect your running, don't be. It can only make you a faster and stronger runner. Crossfit will change your training as well. I run 5 miles a week and I just PR'd at a race. No need for the 50 miles a week anymore. Come to the dark side runners, you will love it.

This is blury cause I'm moving so fast! ha.

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