Sunday, October 17, 2010

Colorado Part 1

I have been in Denver from last Sunday to Wednesday evening sharing my knowledge of nutrition, cooking, and Crossfit with a great couple. Here are my adventures: Part 1:

I was flown out by Kurt and Mimi to bring in a new way of thinking, eating, cooking, and crossfit in their house. So I left Austin for Denver last Sunday afternoon ready for anything! We have worked overseas together, so he knew when he asked me what my "survival must haves" were they had to be present to prevent freak outs. Almond butter, strong coffee, and coconut milk were quickly found.

Kurt picked me up from the airport and I was amazed at the scenery. As soon as we got in the car I was patting myself on the back that I brought my trail shoes, and kicking myself for thinking I did not need a big LULU hoodie. Trail running is my absolute favorite thing- and I was going to run all over Denver. Our first stop was their local grocery store. Fate has its hands in that because the closest one to their house was my beloved Sprouts. Easy!

I planned out the meals for the next day's breakfast and lunch. I had no idea what they liked and didn't like. I just planed on cooking what I eat, being that what I eat is a pretty good variety I was sure to catch something they liked and have had before right?

swiss chard
bell pepper

This might be quite a list for just two meals ( proven by looks on faces ) but when you are cooking all meals at home you can easily use these ingredients every time. They cooked dinner for me that night and quickly learned what is and what is not gluten free/paleo. I could not eat the meat ( it looked awesome!) because of sauce that was on it. Not because it would not be delicious, but digestively would not be a happy girl. So I had to saute up a chicken breast quickly. Problem solved...except I had to eat chicken...ha.

The first morning breakdown was coffee, small pre-workout snack, workout, then big breakfast. Workout one: tabata fun. Warm up was 1.5 mile run around the neighborhood. I quickly realized the difference in elevation! I taught them how to squat, russian swing a kettle bell, wall ball, and push ups. They did 4 rounds of tabata for each station.

Breakfast was not being given the importance level as it should in the house. As in, it was not happeneing. Breakfast is very important! I was a little nervous because most people do not eat green vegetables for breakfast. Menu: eggs, Sprouts breakfast sausage, and swiss chard all scrambled together. It was very different for them- but they ate and enjoyed it (whew!)

Break- LULU trip for a jacket

Meal two: I whipped up steak salad with sprouts, avocado, bell pepper, spinach, and lime juice. They both were taken back by how big of a salad I eat. I too, am sometimes amazed.

Workout two: Red Rock. WOW. elevation kicks ass. This place took my lungs, legs, butt, and calves and didn't give them back for at least 48 hours. It was an amazing amphitheater and a great workout. Legs were done, time to head back for meal 3-dinner out.

We were going to Kurt and Mimi's favorite steak house. It was amazing. You know what else is damn amazing? How such a good friend does not let you in on a little secret about elevation- one glass of wine feels like 2. So I had about 10 glasses. WOW.

Day 3 and 4 coming soon.....

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