Monday, October 18, 2010

Colorado Part Deux

Day three in Colorado consisted of a great breakfast, again left over veggies in eggs, and then heading out to run/hike something called Castle Rock. It was 50 degrees and rainy....great day for a trail run. That is at least what I told kurt. We drove up to this:

Not only was this trip about learning to eat, it was also a serious ass kicking session in crossfit. This is all part of it, we were getting up this thing! The view was amazing, I loved all 12 minutes it took to get up. It was only 800 meters, but we were snapping pics and breathing heavy. We made it up, then started on the way down. I was completely energized and ready to do it again. After we cleared the air that I was not joking, we did it again. This time, 7:50 was my time. I could have done it again, but I might have been knocked in the head with a rock if I mentioned that.

Out for lunch- Thai food it was. Eating out- another lesson. Most restaurants do not know what gluten free is. And this one definitely did not. I LOVE Tom Ka with chicken at any Thai restaurant. I ordered it, and Kurt actually ordered a gluten free item off of the menu. We were highly impressed, until it came. His gluten free meal consisted of 2 cups of rice with heavy heavy sauce over chicken and vegetables. NOT what he was thinking. He ate half of it, and already felt terrible. There is another lesson- pretty much for sure assume the waiter/restaurant has no idea what they are talking about.

We made our way to the store to set up a garage gym.

He bought dumbells, a kettlebell, and already had rings. We had a great workout and dinner! I opened some eyes with the spaghetti squash...but in the end they liked and I hope they cook it again!

Overall this trip was a huge success. We set goals, learned to cook different things, eat different things, and create a crossfit gym garage atmosphere to get the workouts done! I LOVE my job!!!!

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