Friday, October 29, 2010

Post Colorado Glow

This is a write up that kurt did after my trip out to Colorado. It's a fantastic story and I am so proud of him and the changes hes has made!

First Crossfit Exposure:

My first CrossFit experience was in 2005 in Northern Iraq, of all places. There was a member of my PSD team, Dave Sheppard, who built his own area of our camp with pull-up bars, sandbag kettle bells and bars for dips. I thought it was interesting since he looked 20 lbs over weight but he was up at 4 or 5am everyday working out.I went on vacation for 2 weeks and when I came back I couldn’t believe the transformation. He’d lost all the weight, looked great and he had a great attitude to match. Now there were a bunch of guys doing it with him. Dave was a member of my team and suggested we go do pull-ups wearing all our gear (40-50 lbs) after every successful mission. Dave was 7 years older than me and at least 10 older than the rest of the team so we all agreed.

Dave was able to do 10 to my 2 but wasn’t happy and worked to get 20.The day before Dave was killed he did 17….Dave was 45.

I’ve quietly watched people around me transform themselves for years but kept with my bodybuilding routine and rollercoaster like success. I was always in pretty good shape, especially for a guy I his 40’s but I never felt ‘athletic’. A few months ago I saw a t-shirt that said “Train like an athlete, not a hamster” and it clicked. CrossFit was to exercise what MMA was to fighting, the real deal.
I had a friend/resource that was CrossFit competitive and preached about a Paleolithic diet. I started what I knew about the diet, no carbs, sugar, dairy…lots of meat and veggies with nuts and fruit. The weight just started falling off. I felt better almost immediately. I had no idea how effective the diet was until I found a scale and realized I’d dropped 18 lbs in 5 weeks. I was ecstatic; it was so easy and sustainable, not like the super prohibitive calorie counting diets.

Next level decision:

I called on my friend and CrossFit coach/competitor Jen C and told her I needed her help to refine my diet and get healthy the CrossFit way. My goals were simple, be healthy and active for my family and kids and if I looked better naked, just a bonus. Jen jumped at the chance and came to Colorado to teach my wife and me.
I had pre-ordered “The Paleo Solution” by Robb Wolf at Jen’s suggestion and read the book on my trip home. The book really helped fill in the gaps and explain the science of why the diet worked so well. Jen’s first order of business was to take me shopping at our local health food store. She showed me all the things I needed to be eating but wasn’t and the quantities. She even went so far as to cook for my wife and I .Nutrition in hand, it was time to work-out!
I’d been sedentary for about 4 months and needed to get back in shape badly. Jen took us through a series of warm-ups and workouts, patiently teaching us all the movements and pushing us to succeed. We went trail running, ran in a beautiful amphitheatre (I’ve always wanted to do that) and had a blast getting back in shape. This is how we spent the entire 3 days, cooking good food, working out 2-3 times a day and getting everything we needed to work-out at home.
Jen’s teaching style is demanding but supportive, informative and encouraging. I needed her because I trust her and didn’t want to chance my CrossFit indoctrination to a stranger with a big ego. I expected her to kick my ass and I wasn’t disappointed, it was exactly what I needed. I’m now down 25 lbs, feel fantastic and a loyal Paleo/CrossFit fanatic for life. People notice my transformation and ask and I’m too happy to tell them. My life is changed.

If you are ready to make changes email me. By the end of the year....goals met!

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