Monday, November 29, 2010

Lean Lifting December starts Saturday!

This is the last month of 2010!!! Get some work done with strength and skill for 2011 classes. This saturday will start the month off concentrating on movements to help you with the I AM and Trojan challenges in the new year.

Pictured above: Norah making her first ever accent up the rope!

Here is a small interview with a recent client who went through 30 days of the LL program.

  • How has it helped you in class?

    • LL has given me the extra training (practice) to have the confident to push the RX weights during a workout.
    • During a WOD, I want to lift heavy, but I also want to also be fast.  LL has helped me with my technique and I now feel as if I am able to do both. 
    • I am not a runner, but I feel like my running is getting better.  We ran an 800-meter about 6-weeks ago and it wasn't bad.  And that is a lot coming from me.

  • What skills do you have now you did not before?

    • I finished a WOD 1st!  This has happened to me twice in the past month.  It was awesome!  
    • Girl, I am doing things I never thought I could do.  I am not there, but I am getting close on climbing the rope, muscle ups and a pull up.  
    • I am lifting more now with LL than I would have ever imagined. 
    • Never under estimate the power of a nap, rest day or massage

  • Who would benefit from LL strength and skill building?

    • CFW who have been in the program, but want to take their mental and physical strength to the next level
    • Ladies who enjoy lifting heavy
    • Ladies who want an additional challenge with weights
    • CFW who want a lifestyle change (especially with the diet).  

    Contact me if you are ready to push your skills and strength into 2011. Walk into class with confidence knowing you can do everything!

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