Monday, November 8, 2010

Lean Lifting Nutrition Program Success Story

Daniel lost over 11 inches and 15 pounds during my Lean Lifting 30 day nutrition program. Here is his story:

We had our third baby on May 3, 2010. I was struggling with my weight, not caring about how I was feeling, and getting several comments from co-workers and family members saying I was gaining some pounds. I am closely getting to 40 years of age and have children now who attend elementary school. I said to myself, " I will start when I go back to work on July 12th." I only did the minimal portion control. I went from 242 lbs to 215 by just not over indulging. I did this from July 12- Oct 9. I got to 215 lbs and was stuck there for 5 weeks,  so I needed to start exercising.

 My best friend Jen Cardella had been telling me for months to do this thing called crossfit. My wife had told me that there was a cross fit in New Braunfels so it looked into it. I started the first workout at the beginning of September and saw some change but was still stuck at the same, 215 lbs. I got injured on September 25 and did not work out until October 11. I just so happened to talk to Jen on Oct 10 and she was telling me about her program “Lean Lifting”. I told her I already lost 27 pounds and that was the easy stuff. Jen told me that was good and that her program will get me better results.

In the past years of my life I have never been under 200 lbs but once, and that was 1999 when I was in her marathon training group in 2003-04 and I was also on Advocare  with Jen Shaw (Cardella now). So I decided that I would do the 30 day Lean Lifting online nutrition program and see what it could do for me.
I started her program with pictures and measurements. Whatever! I had a thousand questions as to why I had to eat what I had to eat and why I could not use supplements. I was eating whatever I wanted, and in poor condition (but could still run a mile). I was sleeping normal but hurting waking up and was very stressed out from work, family,school, being a husband, chores and everything else. I was more interested about what was going to happen and how I was going to be a complete failure, and how I was going to go an hour without eating candy or chips or my dr. pepper. 

I started getting complements with in the first two weeks of the program and then I had a change of heart. I never got compliments on the first 27 pounds! What’s up with that?  I was doing it and doing it right! I felt better and stronger than before. Cross fit changed my fitness, and Jen changed the most important struggle in my life “FOOD”. I gained the ability to make the right choices with food, and focus on what made me feel the way I thought about life and myself. This has made my family life better because my wife was part of this adventure as well. We both help each other out and I would have not been able to do this without her. My kids see what we are doing and I hope this develop a lifestyle for them by example.

As I finished this program, the first thing I wanted to do is treat myself to pizza, hot wings and a tall glass of Dr. Pepper, but I had Bison, cactus, avocado and tomato, instead! Thanks to my wife, kiddos,  and Jen Cardella for a life changing experience that I hope to continue for the rest of my life.

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