Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Do what you HATE

We all have our weaknesses and strengths. Sometimes when we walk in for the WOD we hope to god that "that move" is not on the board. We sigh a huge relief when we don't see it, and think of excuses to leave when we do...or how we are going to modify.  Many things are running through your head like " what if I have to bail? How much weight should I use? What if I am last? What can I say or do to get out of this? Will my lulu tear? Wait I can't do this workout, I have the sweaty crotch pants on."  These are just little butterflies testing your will to finish. Everyone has a weakness, some a lot. Ignore these things. Be excited when something comes up that you are not good at. It gives you the chance to work on it and make it better. So what if you don't even finish....your weakness must be a daily mental and physical practice. 

A couple of days ago a workout came up on the .com site that I knew I had to do. Why? Because it was terrible and I am slower than ever. AND it had pull ups. Mentally, I knew I was going to do it. As I was warming up I kept thinking of other possible options that I could do but knew I was going to go though with it. My mind was made up...NUTTS it was. I was proud of myself that I finished at a slow but steady 24 minutes. Pull ups are what make the hair on my neck stand up and that day I put it away and did not let the fear talk me out of it! 

My hate list is as follows:

1. rowing
2. pull ups
3. snatch

However, these are also the three main moves I practice to get better. Maybe some day they will be on my "easy day" list. The holidays are a great time to get out of class and work on your hate list.

JoEllen hates rowing- so that's what we did today.


  1. I have the same issue wondering if I will bust out of my lulus and worried about sweat marks. You are too funny, Jen! Thanks for this post.

  2. you're so right - this week I did 2 workouts specifically b/c they were something I didn't want to do. Train your weakness....