Thursday, December 9, 2010


The past three weeks has been crazy for me. I have wanted to blog every day. Wanted to but just didn't do. I feel like if I share this then weaknesses will be exposed. I compare this bog post to the triple helen from the games.

When there are 50 things to do during the day and you have to pick ten, sacrifices are made. Husband is home, closing on a house, packing, my own training, giving clients the attention they need, playing with dogs, cleaning, cooking and packing food, a new part time job, answering 50 emails a day, and trying not to fall asleep driving. This has been me the last month. My only goal was to NOT be like this the only 30 days I get with my BFF. However, life gets in the way. We want a new house, found a house, trying to close on a house. 430am to 830 pm...whoa.

STRESS. I did not see it coming. I didn't worry or loose sleep. In fact I have never slept better than the last month. Probably because I was exhausted. I mean, its not like I was slinging bricks all day at a construction why was I not able to keep up? There are people out there who literally tax their body through labor everyday. And I cannot do the filthy 50 and continue on with my day? Am I that ridiculous? I passed that off as weakness and pushed through.

My reward for pushing through? Stomach issues for three days. Canceling on clients, missing precious meals with my man, calling into work. All because I'm pushing everything I can into a short amount of time. My body said NO. Stress is an amazing thing. It does whatever it wants to your body to tell you to slow down or come to a full on stop. It affects everyone in different ways. Me- this time it has completely stopped my body.

I have the All Cities Open this weekend. I was excited to go and compete. I have not competed in anything since the games so I needed something to get my head back into it. Now, I am DREADING it. Getting my ass handed to me has been in my dreams. The announcer says " former games competitor Jen Cardella, we will have to start without her she in still in the port-o-shitter getting her stress out from over doing it." Yep, I can see it now. All I can do now is rest and hope for the best.

There are times in life where some things have to be set aside. Right now my goal is closing on this house with Steven to secure our future, and enjoying our last week together by packing boxes...romantic. That is #1. Crossfit is set aside, and that is hard to type.


  1. Good choice Jen! Setting your priorities is exactly what you have to do in situations like this. Steven is not always here so enjoy him and CrossFit will always be waiting. Don't forget you have friends that can HELP if you need it =)

  2. What's this? Coach Jen is human?! Being able to set priorities to achieve balance in life is a great skill and a sign of maturity. Congrats on paying attention and setting your priorities, it's hard to do but you will be better off for it!