Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I'm in!

I started 2011 with moving into a new house, we downsized! The holiday break for me was a busy one.  I was burning the candle at both ends with training sessions and getting packed and unpacked. I was pretty sure my body was not appreciating what I was doing to it.  18 hour days started running together....and my body finally said stop in the form of a stress induced 103 degree fever. I Listened, rested, and it went away. But WOW, I did not realize how much stress I was putting on myself. That was the first time I had really felt the effects of it through body changes. I learned my lesson! I took two days of rest and cherry red head disappeared. I now have established some new limits. In college I worked nights at a police department and days at a fast food joint. After I got off at 545am I would drive from San Marcos to Austin and run in my marathon group. It was 10-23 mile runs after working all  night.

So if I did all that nine years ago, I could for sure work early mornings, move, then work evenings right? Wrong....

Here are some comparatives:

College Jen:

lived on lucky charms, roman noodles, bananas, canned corn,  4 hours sleep, worked all night, class all day, 2nd day job at Jack in the Box, ran miles and miles.

30 year old Jen:

LIVES for early mornings with coffee, heavy lifts, quality time with furry children, bed by 9pm, eat on only fresh vegetables and meat.

So if I have such a healthier lifestyle why can I not take a week and go balls to the wall and not get a stress induced fever? Don't know. I do find that interesting and I am blaming it on age right now.

Either way I am in the new house. There is one "catch all" room that you cannot open the door due to some boxes...like 100. Luckily dear old dad is coming this weekend to stop me from pulling my hair out and help me unpack. He brings tools, wine, and big relief with a smile.

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