Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lean Lifting at Red & Black

I am excited to announce I am coaching a women's only strength class!!!

Starting January 31st, I will have two classes of Lean Lifting at the Red and Black Gym, formerly SICFIT Austin. These classes will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6am and 9am. There are only 8 spots available in order to give needed attention to form and strength.


Lean Lifting will compliment your regular class that you are in, not to take away or replace it. I focus on skill and strength. What you will gain from this program:

  • New PR's on all olympic lifts
  • increased overall strength
  • understanding of all gymnastics movements

If you are looking for extra attention, strength work, or some skill work this program is for you. If you are looking for a long metabolic conditioning workout this program is not for you.  I will break your olympic and gymnastics moves down to fine points to make you experts at the lifts and skills.

My goal for clients in this class is to have the confidence to be able to perform any skill or oly lift that is on the white board on any given day. If you are interested in walking into class with complete confidence that you can perform everything on the white board, this program is perfect!

Read what current Lean Lifting clients have to say about my program:

"It has helped me know my PR's and how to push myself. It has helped me determine what weight to use to push myself. I look forward to the strength part before the WOD and give it my best knowing I will still have gas or the WOD"

"Lean Lifting has been awesome.. it has helped me learn the correct positions for each stance (i.e. OH squats, back squats, etc..) and pushed me to limits that I haven’t been able to try in class before.  I am able to squat lower than before and accomplish those positions that I hadn’t had a chance to (i.e. double unders, rope, handstand, OH squats ) and PR my weight each time.  I have a new respect tolifting..

"LL has given me the extra training (practice) to have the confident to push the RX weights during a workout.During a WOD, I want to lift heavy, but I also want to also be fast.  LL has helped me with my technique and I now feel as if I am able to do both. "


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