Thursday, January 13, 2011

Stay Tough!

So its only week one in the I AM challenge.  When I first did the I AM two years ago I was a confused fat grain eater. I was zoning regular food, not paleo. Here is my first post about the I AM.....its funny

"STAY IN THE ZONE!!! is about the only thing that is running through my head these days. As my close friends know I am on the zone diet for 6 weeks now. Its part of the Crossfit Central 8 week challenge. And...I never diet. I have always eaten healthy and steered away from the bad stuff. But I also have never physically been where I want to be. we go. The first time in my short 28 years I have actually listened to someone else. The first two weeks was sort of like detox for me. My poor, poor husband and friends. Its all I could talk about and think about. I was so so so hungry all the time. I felt run down, and just plain pissed. My snacks were small..really small...I kept thinking " Could I possibly eat another almond, please someone give me a sandwich!" I realized that I was not hungry...just used to doing the wrong thing. Then, after two weeks...I started noticing subtle differences in the way I felt and looked. I wasn't loosing weight..that's not my goal. I just felt healthier and happier. I am completely adjusted and have more energy and am back to my happy self. Yes, that was a long two weeks....but SO worth the wait. At the end and the beginning of the 8 week challenge is a body fat analysis and measurements are taken. At the beginning the body fat was 22%. I was very surprised it was that high, but even more motivated to get it down. So two more weeks and hopefully I will have that down. I would suggest this diet to anyone! Actually, there is not much " diet " to it. Its eating normal food...just at the right amounts. I am more motivated than I have ever been about fitness in my life. I love it! Its all thanks to Crossfit Central. Without them I would have never stuck to it. Of course..there is the matter of the next two weeks."

Pretty hilarious. At the moment I was writing this post I was feeling all of the effects of changing the way I eat. The sweats, cravings, everything. So don't worry folks- your coaches have all been there. Count on us to get you through it!

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