Monday, February 21, 2011

Corn tortillas ruin my day

I try to be good, "treat" meals once every two weeks. And I have to say that I am an excellent eater!! I do crave breakfast and fish tacos a lot. I decided to make fish tacos for dinner this weekend with some corn tortillas. Had my homemade salsa rocking and some tilapia with avocado and spinach. 

The corn tortillas completely ruined my meal! They don't soak up anything, break in pieces when you pick it up. UGH! It made me so mad. So I have to use 2 corn tortillas per taco and I end up eating 4. Well I am boycotting you corn tortilla. From now on, its regular tortillas and it will have to be a treat meal. At least I only need one! 

Damn you corn tortillas!

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