Friday, February 11, 2011

No way to live

Having the flu for the past week has really opened my eyes to the way some people live. Here is what I take on a daily:

  • fish oil
  • pro-biotic
  • vitamin C
  • iron
That's about it. I lead a very healthy life and openly support taking no doctor supplied medication. I know some days you have to, but I do try to do everything to avoid it. I think most people who read this blog are with me on that notion. 

This past week I thought someone was trying to kill me. I mean, they must have come in the middle of the night and sneezed on my face. That is the only way I could be this sick. The dead lady who we bought the house from obviously now possess my body because I have Kleenex in my purse, pockets, and car just like an old lady. JESUS it's awful. After some very stern words from Mema ( that's grandmother ) I went to a medical clinic today. To my surprise the Doc said I have fought off most of it, but still have a ways to go. Just rest. DAMN!! I have already missed 7 days of workouts...but whatever makes me heal right? 

After the visit I called my Mema back and received another stern talking to. She was pretty upset that I did not run to the local doctor and get medicine, or anything to help when the symptoms first started. And that I also workout too much, and worry too much about food. She went on about how medicine is the way we heal ( she's a life long nurse ) and you won't heal without it. I let her go on her run, I do appreciate the support. In a lot of ways she is very right. Then I asked her to tell me what medications she takes every morning in able to just survive the day, she then went on for a full five minutes. I then told her I workout the way I do, eat the way I do, so I don't have 35 pills to take before my morning coffee. I just don't think we will EVER see eye to eye. But It sure is fun listening to her tell me to eat more grains!

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