Monday, February 28, 2011

WTF!!!! Life change 400m down the road!!!

If I invited you out to dinner, and we started walking from my house and ended up here. Would you freak?

I think you would!! What if I told you these little things:
  • over 200 bottles of wine
  • grass fed beef for sale from local farmers
  • they make grass fed burgers with sweet potato fries for $5
  • they make grass fed burgers with protabella's instead of bread for the buns~paleo style
  • you can call your order in
  • they are super nice 
WTF.....hello wine and food mart. Not a snazzy name...but you just changed my life. 


  1. I need the address of this place, pronto!

  2. Another reason why I love S. Austin! I drive by this place daily and it makes me smile.

  3. i don't have the address....but its across the street from Phils ice house/amys ice cream

  4. Ah, Megan said "S. Austin" and I got excited, prematurely. Google Maps says this place is on Burnett? Is there another one I don't know about?