Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Into the Zone....and back out again.

I have been an avid zoner for years. Since my Robb Wolf seminar last fall I have not zoned...not once. I have felt the best I have ever felt in my LIFE. I will NEVER EVER go back to being hungry and counting almonds. I was on the 40% carb 30% fat 30% protien ratio and lost significant amounts of fat. I was happy with my loss and skinny minny ( and could not deadlift over 200lbs). However, I was not happy with having to sleep in between meals and screaming for no apparent reason at all. OH, and being so hungry I would chew on a pencil like a "crazy."

Since off of that for a while I was interested to see how much of each macronutrient I was eating. I logged on to fiday.com and inputed my food for the past week. WOW. First, I eat a lot of calories. Second, my percentages are totally opposite.

For a solid week: fat 50%, protein 35%, carb 15%. Averaged 2300 calories.

WHOA! what a difference! I feel sooooo good. My workouts are full of energy and I look forward to P.R.'s weekly. I will never go back to counting almonds and eating out of my purse. I have found a way to be healthy, happy, and overall strong!


  1. Pleeeease post your food log. Your minions need inspiration and ideas, especially those of us minions who could stand to eat a little more fat. Thanks! xoxo