Monday, April 4, 2011

Cliff hanger..Literally

I only take Bak out on the green belt here in Austin when Its cold, rainy, muddy, and I know nobody else would go. Today was perfect.

We moved into this house in December..and I have just now started exploring exactly where we are on Barton Creek. Where you put in to run it is pretty technical at first, and then once you make your way down into the dry creek its flat and fun!

I have not been trail running in 3 weeks. It has rained, had sun, and now looks completely different due to the growth of trees and bushes.

I went the way I have been going the past couple of times, questioning my turns the whole time due to the green growth. Steve always laughs at my internal GPS.. I NEVER take wrong turns and NEVER get lost.

At one point on the trail it gets very steep I took Bak's leash off to help him- he has four feet and much better at getting down steep hills with rocks when it is wet. He stopped to pee ( of course!:))) and I ran ahead.....and then....

I brushed one big green full branch out of my eyes and BAM! on my stomach. My head is hanging off a cliff and my fingernails are scraping the rock I am desperately hanging on to. I am looking at a 200-ft drop off ( at least- probably more )  that appeared out of nowhere.

Bak is behind me running and does something he NEVER does....slips and goes shoulders first into me and pushes me and him further off the cliff.

I grabbed onto him and did a "half nelson" on him with my right hand while hanging on to the rock with my left hand. We were slipping...but for some reason didn't go off the cliff. I pushed as hard as I could away to get my whole body on solid ground. I shoved him with my trail shoes...hard...towards the flatter ground. Poor thing, had to get him away from the edge. Then slowly got myself on my butt and inched away from the edge.

We sat there for 30 minutes thinking together, then made a quiet walk back to the house.


  1. Glad it ended well. Would hate to have to find a new coach....

  2. Whoa girl!! Glad you are all in one piece...Things can change in an instant!