Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Let's get REAL

I have ran into a handful of crossfit central clients in the past couple of weeks at Central Market. We say hello and chit chat. Then....they look in my basket and inspect. I love it! I think its great that people want to know what I buy. However, I am not sure what the big surprise is when they see: wine, cashews, chocolate, ketchup, mayo, dried dates, and such things that might not be "paleo approved." I AM A HUMAN. I eat these things.

That's right folks!

I enjoy 2 glasses of wine at least 4 days a week.

I use a dried date dipped in mascropone cheese as a post-dinner treat.

Sometimes I even have a bite of 80% dark chocolate after dinner.

SO WHAT!!!! That is what balancing is all about. Eating healthy meals and having a treat every once in a while is what makes it fun. ITS REAL. You cant eat perfect 100%of the time.

Expect there to be chocolate and wine in my basket...ALWAYS.

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