Monday, May 16, 2011


I read an article online recently that Gweneth Paltrow  (my fav actress ), age 37, is in the early stages of Osteopenia. I found this very surprising because I have seen several interviews where she talks about how much she works out. Gweneth shares a trainer with Madonna in London named Tracy Anderson. Gweneth and Madonna have been quoted calling her "' The expert scientist in Exercise and Nutrition." Tracy has a unique workout for Gweneth. She never uses more than 5lb weights ( actually 3lb in several articles but trying not too buy into the hype too much), works out for over and hour a day, and eats less than 1100 calories a day. Here is a link that outlines more about Tracy's training methods.

Does lifting no more than 5 lbs- with hundreds of repetitions- not build enough muscle to sustain your bones? Well, apparently not. I am no doctor but this sounds pretty "DUH" to me. She might be more prone to it because of genetics or some other reason. But looking at it from the outsiders point I just think she needs to pick up some weight!

Let's compare: one hour of lifting pink rubber weights, or 5 minutes of "FRAN." Ladies, I implore you, use your head. What is more time efficient with a full time job and a family? FRAN. What promotes solid bone growth, lean body, and a rocking ass? LIFTING WEIGHT.

We all have different goals: loose fat, get ripped, "tone", loose weight....all of these happen by picking up a barbell and getting to work. If you don't believe me, ask Wanda Hibbs in my Lean Lifting class. She has osteopenia as well. She knew exactly what to do: strap on a weight vest and do the work.


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