Monday, May 2, 2011

Wake up HAPPY!

I like getting up early, I am a morning person! I get to have quiet time with my two furry kids, 
sitting on my porch with a gallon size coffee cup, and just enjoying the moon and the quiet. But 0430 is the dead of night, and if you sleep like the dead you only rely on the worst alarm clock sounds to get your butt up. My alarms ( all 5 ) make me want to hit the deck for "incoming" and then I realize its just time to go to work. These terrible noises just put you in a crappy state of mind when you get up. I do not ever get to just wake up without an alarm, or at least get up at a normal 6am ( heavenly wake up time ). I do not enjoy starting my day off with the most awful noises blaring all over the house. 

I have found a quiet way to get around all of this. The Soleil Sun Alarm. I woke up the past two mornings in the best mood! Nothing is screaming-no noise at all!!!! 30 minutes prior to your set alarm the bulb starts glowing softly..then more...then more..then its time to get up! your eyes open and its the color of the sunrise in your room. Birds chirping, suns up, time to roll out of bed without hiring someone with the Scream mask to use a blow horn in your ear. It's amazing!!!! This has completely changed the way I get up! 

p.s. does not help pillow face or bed head.

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  1. Great! You can buy one for me for my wedding gift! Hahahaha