Monday, July 18, 2011

Lisa is ripped

I had been crossfitting three times a week for a year before participating in my first challenge--the 2011 I am Crossfit Challenge.  During this challenge, I saw some dramatic results by increasing my workouts and changing my diet.  I couldn't have been happier when the challenge wrapped up, but the fire was lit and I wanted to continue challenging myself beyond my regular crossfit workouts.  That is the main reason I began participating in Jen Cardella's Lean Lifting Program.  Adding in one additional workout per week was perfect for me.  And it is everything that I LOVE about Crossfit--lifting heavy weights, working on skills, perfecting form and less emphasis on met cons.  

So far, I've got three months of Lean Lifting under my belt.  I knew that I was getting stronger, but it wasn't until the last Crossfit Total that I really got a good grasp of how far I've come.  I increased my deadlift by 20 pounds in 3 months--up to 215 pounds!  I had to look back through my journal to see that my first recorded deadlift about 15 months prior was 125 pounds.  I really feel like I've come a long way!  But, even bigger than that, I have confidence that I never thought I would have.  I remember those days when I didn't understand the difference between a hang clean and a power snatch like they were yesterday.  But now, I not only know the difference, I am more often than not attempting to go Rx.  I may be slower than I used to be, but I'm lifting heavier and feeling more and more confident.  I firmly believe that the gains that I've seen in my PRs are solely due to taking on one Lean Lifting class per week.  It is that good of a workout!  It was no coincidence that I increased my DL by 20 pounds in three months--the three months that I was doing Lean Lifting!  It makes me wonder what would happen if I tried to go twice a week??!!

There is so much that I have gained through participating in Crossfit and Lean LIfting - I am slimmer, stronger, happier, healthier, and more confident.  But perhaps the biggest thing that I've done was to give a very simple gift to myself.  I've carved out 45 minutes to an hour four times a week to put myself first.  This is a pretty phenomenal thing for a person who's done nothing but give of herself for the last ten years.  Having kids will definitely change your life that way.  Going to Lean Lifting and CF Central has been so empowering.  Coming up on my 40th birthday later this year, I know that I'm a different person, a better person and I love it!

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