Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bring me your running legs- I will make them faster

Calling all runners! As a former marathoner myself I know the toll that hours of pounding the pavement takes on your body. I used to be wrapped in ice for hours post run. Now that I have discovered Crossfit muscles are stronger and I am faster.  Lean Lifting has two runners in class, Ardith and VIcki.  Here is what Vicki has to say:

"In May of this year I decided I wanted to focus on strength and learn more about Olympic weight lifting so I joined Jen Cardella's Lean Lifting class. I'm so hooked! Jen is an incredible teacher and coach who has just the right amount of nurturing and tough love to make me push myself beyond what I think I can do. I love that the class is kept to a small size so that it allows Jen to watch each of us individually and see wherewe need help with technique and/or confidence. One of the unexpected benefits has been how my running has improved, I've always been a "back of the pack" kind of runner but now I'm able to push myself harder and actually keep up with some of the runners that used to pass me by. I run with a small group every week and in the past couple months I've gotten so many comments about how good I've been running - it's really exciting and the only difference I've made is the Lean Lifting class! Lean Lifting ROCKS!!"

September is approaching SOLD OUT!
Only spots left are in Tues/Thur 9am. Get in while you can!

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