Monday, October 31, 2011

10 Miler

Run for the Water 10 mile race was great! I met up with Karen and we did all the regular things we usually would do before the race. Minus the fact I completely forgot how and what to do before a race. All the things I usually would have had figured out three days prior, I was dealing with in the parking lot before the race. Where do I put my number? on the top shirt or the layer underneath? how does this paper chip work? Do I need gloves? I had everything layed out in the car racking my brain deciding what to do. I mean, if this was a dead lift competition I would be fine...but I was out of my comfort zone. How did I used to do this every weekend??

I finally got my details figured out, and we walked to the starting line. Man, I was so nervous! Silently comparing myself to my former runner self. She was standing right next to me in fact. Skinny, weak, runner thighs, probably just downed a serous amount of bagel with peanut butter. Man, I wanted to beat her!

Race started, Karen and I kept our pace all the way through. Our awesome bosses, Jeremy and lisa, caught us around mile 5 and said hi. So glad we saw someone we knew. Awesome supporters! I really wanted to go home with them.

My body shut down around 8 but Karen and I kept each other going. We finished in a negative split. I could not believe I did that. I was so proud that I trained for this and made it through. I definitely didn't feel the same afterward. I felt broken and awful. Then I realized how in tune I am with my body now. Back in the running days I just said " i am tired and my legs hurt." Now it was " my TFL's are tight, core is done, and I need to roll my lower back." Crossfit has shown me how to take care of myself, that was very definite at that point.

It was a great race, glad I had a Crossfit buddy to share it with!

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