Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Little Things

One little thing can change your day. It can happen and everything just turns around for you. What is that? How does that happen? 

Waking up late can immediately put me in a straight up panic. No breakfast, no coffee, hair a mess, lulu not matching, gas light is on, forgot to shut garage...all bad. However, one little act of kindness, one awesome song on the radio with the windows down, one sweet tweet can change everything. But what is actually changing....ITS YOU! Its not the universe, its your attitude. Once you accept the day, "yes its shitty...who cares move on" your outlook changes, your day changes.

YOU change the universe with YOUR attitude and actions. YOU control the Universe, not the other way around. Don't let silly sh*t get you down, give out love and you get it.

I got this cup of coffee at Monkeys nest this week...completely changed my day. Little things. 

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