Monday, February 13, 2012

Summer Shape-up How to CRAP: Step up on my soap box

Lately I have seen many magazine articles prepping women to look good for the summer. Such as: "workout in 30 minutes or less", "beat the bulk and set down the weights ", suggestions on diet pills, silly exercise gadgets that make you look like a fool, eat less meat, caloric restriction, lift less weights and get your cardio on....and I could go on for pages.

This is all such ridiculous information with a good idea behind it. Yes summer is coming. Yes most people will be sporting less than normal clothing at Barton Springs for a good four months. You should want to do a body good and get in shape. BUT, just for summer? Just for a bikini? What about your insides? Your sleepless nights, digestion issues, body issues, negative self talk/image?

All of this makes my teeth hurt knowing that women are reading these things and believing it. It's why I created Lean Lifting: To rebuild the mind and bodies of women.

Jennifer, 135lb deadlift

 Lifting year round and following a 80/20 paleo diet will allow you to throw on a bikini anytime of the year without question. Lifting weights does NOT bulk you up. Weight training makes some beautiful bodies inside and out. It makes for strong minds, healthy mental focus, and pretty nice profile shots. Picking up heavy weights in the gym builds confidence to pick up heavy stuff outside of the gym. Everyday chores become easier, kids get lighter, boxes aren't that bad, you find yourself doing more things on your own instead of asking for help. That's not where the benefits stop. Being strong is so much more than what size you are in before you hit the beach.  Size 6, size 2, who cares? What you should be asking is how much you clean and jerk, how are you sleeping, how is your energy, mood, overall quality of life?

Strong confident women have a different air about them. They can do things on their own, and that didn't come from an hour on the elliptical zoning out to the food network on TV. It came from lifting. They run the show, and feel incredible about themselves and what they are doing. All from just coming into class with some other strong chicks, and lifting some weight.

All this said,  if you need to get in shape before the summer pick up a barbell and put down the sandwich. Its hard work ladies, and it pays off tenfold. Confidence comes through strength, so pick up the weights and get strong!

Lacy, 130lb Clean and Jerk

Lauren from Relentless Bootcamps recently wrote up a great blog post on the fit fallacy of women getting bulky from lifting weights. Check it out and spread the good word.

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