Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Athlete of the Month

Leslie Wingo is my athlete of the month. I have coached this awesome woman for over two years. She is a an absolute delight to have in class, and also a mentor to look up to. I have respect, admiration, and straight love for the woman. I mean, this is her "before" with MC Hammer. That says it all.

Leslie recently found out she was pregnant! In this she was under strict lock and key with my LL 30 days "get f&^king ripped" food and workout challenge. Here is what she had to say:

January 1st, I began Coach Jen’s Lean Lifting Challenge with my
classmates. The Challenge was 30-days of strict Paleo with an added bonus
of eliminating all fruit and alcohol, plus three extra homework WODs each
week. I focused in on my food, logged daily, attended my Crossfit Central
workouts and followed Jen’s plan.

In one month, I was able to do double-unders, I felt great, lost 10-pounds
and for the 1st time in years I was off of my blood pressure medication.

Something else also happened in January. I started listening to my body.
During the last Sunday workout of Lean Lifting it was then that I realized
something was off with my body. I went home, checked my food logs and
took a pregnancy test.

After a visit to my doctor I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I was
13-weeks pregnant. My doctor gave me the ‘OK’ to keep working out at
the same level I had been prior to being pregnant. The doctor had one
stipulation; I had to listen to my body and do what it was telling me.

Beyond the day-to-day pains and ickiness associated with pregnancy, I feel
great. At the time of my last checkup, my blood pressure and weight gain
were normal. Today, I am officially 5-months pregnant. Many people have
asked if I still Crossfit and lift heavy weights while being pregnant and
they tend to be surprised or concerned when I say yes. I still workout with
Lean Lifting and Crossfit three times per week. In my opinion, every WOD
can be modified or changed to adjust my growing belly. During workouts
I have noticed that I am slower, in some cases I use less weight and the
biggest adjustment has been listening to my body. For me, not Crossfiting or
working out never crossed my mind.


  1. Way to go Leslie! Stay strong, beautiful, and sexy! She doesn't let anything or anyone gets in her way! There will be a whole lot more of lifting when that Baby comes!

  2. Way to go Leslie! Stay strong, beautiful, and sexy! She doesn't let anything or anyone gets in her way! There will be a whole lot of lifting going on when that baby comes!!!