Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day 3!

Today was ROUGH. I woke up tired, went to work a little tired. Coaching fabulous women early in the morning perked me right up. I get home at 9am and that is my usual coffee time with the dogs. Today it was water time....not so exciting. Felt extremely sluggish so leashed up the dogs and went for a walk to try to wake myself up and get some energy from them and the sun. It worked ok, not great.

I went home and made a monster meal for lunch and felt better. Had a great workout with the CC crew at 1pm and finally felt awake and alive for the day!

515 2 eggs, brussels sprouts, coconut oil

9am 2 eggs, beef tenderloin, peppers, spinach, coconut oil

12pm 2 lamb patties, yam

3pm leftover tiny lamb patty and 1/4 cup yam

7pm steak! spinach, big salad with olive oil

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  1. Keep kickin' ass :) Have hot water with a small lemon squeezed in. Detox yo self and keep kickin ass, stay tough :)