Sunday, April 8, 2012

Day 7- Easter

WOW! This thing is almost over. No workout today, just some family time and a long 3 hour nap.  I did have 3 spoonfuls of candied yams. I couldn't resist. That's the only time in seven days I have had something not on the cleanse, I feel crappy about it but five more days to get it right. Getting through family dinners for me requires lots of willpower..... and enzymes.

8am  1 egg, lamb patty, brussels sprouts, peppers, coconut oil

130pm- easter lunch with family. I brought my own arugula beet salad and had my grandmothers' ham. candied yams.

630pm- Dinner at Lamberts, YUM. I had the snapper with deviled eggs. LOTS of sparkling water.

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