Monday, April 2, 2012

Refuel Begins!

Today I started Crystal Nelson's 12 day cleanse called Refuel. Everyone needs a kickstart once in a while to stop bad habits and clean out all the toxins we so often put in. No juice or pills, just quality food and good supplementation.

Main reason I started this challenge: I wanted to change my morning routine of running to my french press as if someone might steel it from me before I get to it. Depending on a stimulant to get you up and make you fell "happy" was getting old. I decided that was enough and it needed to change. I don't feel that great after coffee, and it causes some digestion irritation and puts me right to sleep. So why do I even drink it? No clue. Its a ritual, a warm wonderful ritual in my fav big cup........oh ok enough of that now I want some. Not missing it...YET.

Its also day one with no chocolate or wine, which is actually bothering me more than anything. Man do I love my evening treats. However as much as it was happening it was not longer a treat but a staple in my diet. That is an unacceptable amount of sugar to be taking in so much. I am taking it out!

Day 1:

515 2 eggs, 1/2 bell pepper, coconut oil

930 2 eggs, brussels sprouts, yam, coconut oil

2pm  Tilapia filet cooked with coconut oil, big green salad with berries, onions, dates, olive oil dressing

6pm ground lamb patties, spinach, peppers, strawberries, coconut oil

 Stay tuned for the next 12 days to see how this goes!

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  1. Good job!!! Psyched to see how you do!!! Keep us posted with a daily food log for next 12 days... I dare you :)