Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Athlete of the Month

My athlete of the month for May, Linda. She attends my 530am M/W/F class. I have known this chick for some time. We were both in Big Mike's class as clients, then it became Lance's class. We have been working out for a while now together. My first ever Crossfit Competition was in 2009 at Regionals. We were two of three clients who competed. 
I have watched her grow as a person, athlete, and now as a future mother. She has never even once used an excuse or complained. She is the girl who stays after class to make sure everyone finishes, welcomes new ladies in class, and makes sure she is giving one hundred percent effort everyday. 

Linda, you are in inspiration!

Here is her story:
Wow where do I start, I have been with Crossfit Central since winter 2007 
I did Jeremy’s  boot camp but really wanted a taste of indoor classes so I joined early 2008.
I started with Zach’s Tuesdays and Thursdays class and that is when I met Jen from when she was a client with Crossfit Central.  Zach is strictly business no BS work work work  and FORM FORM FORM!!! Zach taught me a lot about just giving it what I got in every WOD, then he said do the Sectionals I have nothing to lose to go out try the 2009 Sectional and see what happens it test against me and the workout and I can only grow  from there. By gosh  I made it to Sectionals and there where I got to know Jen more and saw what a power house she was and she was very motivating and help me get  through the WOD’s I learned a lot about myself and where I needed to improve it was a humbling experience.  Needless to say I try to jump into competitions as much as I can I love it. I love the challenge and I love to put myself to the test.  I got hooked and wanted more and there was no stopping this Chica!  I went on ventured to 3xs a week I joined Jen’s Mon, Wed Fri classes in 2011 and took on some of Jens Lean Lifting. From there I grew a lot learned more about my weakness and strengths.
Well it has been now over 1 year with Jen and I wanted to hit up Lean Lifting again this year, but come Christmas time I was not feeling myself. I was tired my performance wasn’t good in my daily WODs and I wasn’t feeling “like me.” So in tune with my body I knew this was major something was “off” haa, haa. I  took a pregnancy test and to our surprise I was pregnant. I went to the Doctor at four weeks sure enough I saw his heart ticking away in the ultrasound. All was good, my doctor told me to take it easy next week or so since I was in pain. He encouraged me to stick with working out. 

My Doctor knew I was into this what he calls it “crazy extreme workouts “but he told me to not to stop and to modify. Most of all to listen to my body do what feels right ad do what it was telling me to rest when I needed and to scale as much as I can when I needed to. Unfortunately I had to change Doctors and he well didn’t take it understand what Crossfit was. I explained and he didn't like what I was saying so I showed a few pictures.  I expressed to him I didn’t want to stop, he said in that case to listen to my body keep my heart rate at a certain rate and rest frequently don't and overdo it.
So yes, I have been asked why I still workout. I say of course! I get the looks and the talk about why I shouldn’t. I clearly say my doctors don’t think I should stop so why should I. My Doctor gave me some guidelines and I am aware what I can, cannot do and besides with the workouts there are so many ways you can modify the workout. So I will continue to workout and do Crossfit quitting is not an option, I may not be as fast or be able to throw those weights around like I use too. My goal is to maintain my fitness and good health by eating right not only through my pregnancy but long term this is what I want my child to learn and it all starts with me.
Oh and I am having a little boy :) I am soo excited!


Linda rocking out pull ups around 3 months pregnant. 

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