Thursday, May 24, 2012

Maggie Representing at Austin's Fittest Competition

Maggie attends my women's only crossfit class, and Lean Lifting twice a week. She has decided to put her fitness to the test against the rest of Austin women. She will be competing in the AFM Fittest Competition  next month. The competition is held at Camp Mabry on Saturday June 9th. Can't wait to watch her destroy the strict pull ups! Here is what she has to say about it:

My pre-Austin life in London centered around working, drinking, smoking and eating. When I came here with my husband Erik in 2000, I wanted to find something that would help me meet people and get me fit. Being somewhat competitive and over ambitious, I jumped straight into Austin Fit's marathon training program. Over the next few years I ran 5 marathons and then got into triathlons. In 2005, I started Crossfit bootcamp with Jeremy and then moved to the indoor class at the original Burnet Road location. I was still doing triathlons and racing and thought Crossfit would make a nice cross-training addition. After a few months I was of course totally burned out and went back to running, adventure racing and anything else I could compete in.

By last March, aged 45, I'd dropped most of my running and became addicted to Bikram Yoga. Good for my flexibility but staring at my developing middle-age spread in a mirror for 90 minutes did nothing for my ego. I somewhat sheepishly came back to Central. The only available opening for early morning was with Jen at 6:15. I couldn't have been more fortunate.

It's been over a year and my list of 'things I never thought I could do' gets longer by the week. But it was when I went to watch Regionals in San Antonio last month that I realized how much I missed competing. I used to love that adrenalin rush at the start and the great moment of seeing the finish line.

So I suppose it was inevitable that I'd sign up for Austin Fit magazine's Fittest competition. Ten challenges, many of which we already do at the gym -- pull-ups, burpees, broad jump, sprints. In prompting me to write this, Jen asked me two questions: how have I been preparing and what do I hope to accomplish? In answer to the first: I aim to come to class 5 days a week; I bug my incredibly motivating coaches with questions; I go to the track and run hard and I do burpees when my husband isn't looking. And I'm working on the visualization exercises that Carey taught in her excellent mind control class earlier this year.

But what do I hope to accomplish? I'd definitely like to beat a whole lot of other 40-49 year old women. I'd like to represent Crossfit Central well. And I'd like to experience that same surge of adrenalin that comes from doing something that definitely scares me, but that I'm going to do anyway.

One final, slightly sappy thing. At Regionals, Jeremy saw me there and said "so you've caught the Crossfit bug then?'. I'm sure I said something stupid and awkward, but in my head I was thinking that in 5 years I never really lost it.

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  1. Love this! Especially that last line. Go get 'em Maggie.