Thursday, June 21, 2012

14th Fittest Austin Woman

Maggie competed the AFM Fittest Competition a few weeks back. Results are in! In her age group she placed 14th! I am such a proud coach and friend. She worked on these skills for weeks, then went out there in front of a ton of people and did great! Most of the skills were new and she worked on them in Lean Lifting. I gave her some extra med ball practice and we tested the "burpees" which were actually sprawls. Here are some video of the events. 


This test was one minute as many sprawls as possible. Maggie kept the form and the pace, very impressive!


Another test was how many strict pull ups you could do without coming off of the bar. Standards said you did not have to come to full lockout at the bottom, but Maggie kept my standards and did anyway!

Her classmates and I were out for 100% support throughout the day. Good job woman! You are amazing to watch and such an inspiration to my program. 


  1. I LOVE these videos, so glad you took them. And though it totally goes against my nature, I'm actually quite proud of myself. I love being part of Lean Lifting, it just makes you feel like you can go forth and be brilliant!