Monday, August 6, 2012

Sunday Funday

Yesterday was a beautiful Sunday morning for sleeping in, drinking coffee, and having a big lazy morning. Instead, I was joining some friends and drove down south to compete in a triathlon. I was amazed at the amount of people who chose to get their ass up and out of bed at 5am to swim, bike, and run before any other daily activities started. One of the most aggravating things about the race is they write your age nice and big in permanent marker on your calf. I mean, really? I know how old I am, no advertisement needed. 

Hopping on the bike after the swim I started to notice all the ages on people. I started starring at calves attempting to blow by anyone in my age group. At least ten women 50 + blew my doors of like I was standing still, so amazing. Somewhere between all my heavy breaths, wishes for coffee, and prayers for no flat tires, I passed an older guy with a 74 on his calf. WOW, so impressed. His face had pure intention and drive to finish the race. I thought about other 74 year olds and what they were doing right then. More than likely NOT racing in a tri, probably hitting up some Lubys' Luann platters and going to church. This guy was so inspiring that I decided to put any negative thoughts out of my head and enjoy this race. I am out in the hill country on an awesome Sunday morning choosing to do something for my health, my body, my mind, and my spirit. I could have easily slept in and destroyed some 24 Diner. But for some reason this race was more appealing. That guy totally inspired me to finish this thing. If he was out there busting ass so could I. He will never even know this was written about him. Just goes to show when you decide to do something that tests you, you are inspiring others without realizing. 

Ended up being a great Sunday!

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