Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Evening Class Opening in October

Ladies!!!!!I am opening a new LL class on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 6-7pm at Red Black Gym. Adding one or two days of strength training to your regular crossfit routine will help you step up your game in class.

Here is what some experienced ladies in my Crossfit class and Lean Lifting have to say about how it has helped them :

Maggie "Form, strength and confidence. All dramatically improved. Hands down the best workout of my week."

Catherine "It's a chance to slow your pace down and really concentrate on mastering form and with that, you begin to PR and surprise yourself with the true strength you have."

Tegra "Through Lean Lifting, I've found confidence and strength in and outside of the gym. Being around such an amazing and empowering group of women completely inspires me daily."

Mari  "Each hour of LL is packed full of strength building, endurance, and comradary with amazing women. We also get to play with new toys - chains, logs, tires and sandbags - stuff that gives you more confidence in the real world when someone asks you to, say, help move a washing machine. Jen knows each of her clients, and adjusts her coaching style to fit each woman. She gets results from all her ladies. I just bumped up to two days of LL because it really is the best part of my week."

This class starts this coming Monday, with the start of October programs. Sign up HERE.

Questions: jenshaw@crossfitcentral.com

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