Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Kick Mo's Butt!

This month I had the honor to have Monica Brant come into Lean Lifting and workout with us. She is a pro figure champion and works with Austin Fit Magazine. This month she came out to Red Black Gym to have me kick her butt! 

She wanted to learn how to use barbells in a fun and women friendly environment. What better place right? My 9am ladies were super stoked to have her in to workout with them. We started with a prowler and a weighted "Cindy" style warm- up. For the strength we did a barbell complex, and finished with some ground to overhead and box jumps. She is a beginner with barbells, so medium weight was all we used. I could totally tell she really wanted to increase the weight, but the first time you touch a barbell probably isn't the best day to PR on ground to overhead. 

The goal of this is to introduce women to other ways of improving their fitness, and to provide her with a great workout that was challenging to the mind and the body. We had a great time, and she learned some new tricks of the trade to improve range of motion and her fitness level. I had a great time having her and hope she comes back to join again. Look for her full write up about her experience in Austin Fit Magazine out soon!

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