Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Underground Strength Cert- Austin Style!

Last weekend was the Underground Strength Certification here at Red Black Gym. Athletes traveled from Nebraska, Colorado, and all over Texas to come and learn Zach's way of lifting, building a business, and keeping it going from Travis Holley, Jeremy Thiel, and myself. This certification is not a book club with a test at the end. This is an all day lesson on how to properly warm up athletes of all ages, test their fitness levels, keep them healthy, and make them stronger. Trainers who come to this certification learn by doing the work instead of listening to a speech. 

We had sandbags, kegs, stones, and tires moving all day. I had a great time meeting all these new faces (and some familiar ones) and hope they take everything they learned home and find ways to become successful with it. I know after my first UGS certification with Zach my business completely changed for the better. My wish was for this weekend to do the same for everyone else. 

I met some new #strongchicks that are now implementing what they learned at the cert in their women's only bootcamp and classes. I couldn't have had it any better! The ladies definitely rocked the cert, and  Alvino CRUSHED the last WOD, below. 

Alvino moving!

Overall awesome weekend! Thanks to Zach for making it happen!

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