Monday, November 26, 2012

December Athlete of the Month- Josh Delio

This month I am recognizing Josh Delio from my nooners class downtown. Love to coach this guy! He always shows up ready to go, doesn't walk in and lay down or start chatting it up. Josh goes straight to the board and looks at what he needs to start mobilizing in order to be ready for that day's workout. A dream client! Any extra time he has he drops by RBG to get extra special one on one strength training with me. He coaches newbies others and helps them along in class. This past weekend he attended his first Crossfit certification, the level 1 coaching cert. So proud! Here is his story: 

In January of 2010 I was on top of the world.  My wife Soo and I were expecting our second child and life could not have been better.  A week after my daughter’s birth at a routine cardiology appointment, I was diagnosed with a calcium deposit on my LAD (aka, the widow-maker artery).  Well, to be honest, what is a routine cardiology appointment when you are only 35?  My family history was filled with poor health.  My father passed away after his 3rd cardiac event at the age of 43 when I was 11.  Walking out of the doctor’s office all I could think was I am not going out like that … or was I?

I passed all the traditional cardiology tests and purchased a few bikes and began pedaling my ass off, 3 to 4 times a week for 35 to 75 miles, until the ticking time-bomb unveiled its nasty head in the early summer of 2011.  After a rec league soccer game in the hot evening sun, I felt dizzy and faint. Thinking that I was just dehydrated, I pounded some fluids and had a decent meal and called it a night early.  The next morning and afternoon were uneventful  until, after a long day of work, tightness started to present itself in my chest.


Soo rushed me to the hospital where I presented to the ER with a bp of 186/138.  I was promptly poked and prodded and after 3 days and a battery of tests I was discharged with a diagnosis of “a cardiac event of an unknown origin”.

Soon after I had a conversation with my friend Chris that quickly led to crossfit. He too had let himself go for a few years but had recently found Crossfit in Arizona at Crossfit Scottsdale.  I had seen his posts all over FB for the past few months and our conversation for the next hour focused solely on his transformation, crossfit and the community that went along with it.  His enthusiasm led me to enroll in elements with Aaron Arehart in November of 2011.  Simply put-I was hooked and I became a PROUD NOONER soon afterwards.

Over the past year Jen has pushed me, emasculated me (in a good way), and helped me find a path to living a healthier life. Knowing that every finish line is just a new starting point, a few months ago I undertook the Underground Strength Certification with Travis Holley and this past weekend I attended a level 1 certification class.  My hope is to make my small community of Salado stronger and more fit, and to instill in my family, especially my kids how important exercise and proper nutrition is to living a healthy life.

I appreciate all of the staff at CC  especially Aaron for your patience during elements and mentoring conversations since, Niki, Jeff and all the others I have dropped in to make up a class with, Travis for Strictly Strength and your enthusiasm around the Underground Strength program, and Jen for knowing when to push me harder, fostering the NOONERS to become a tightknit community, and for becoming a friend.  Also, thanks to all the NOONERS for being there over the past year- the first round is on me at our next HH.


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