Wednesday, December 5, 2012

How much work??

This month's benchmark for my LL girls was "Grace" with a choice of the following objects:
60 lb sandbag
30lb Dumbbells
atlas stone
45lb plate

This was quite the guessing game at the white board. They wanted to be told what to choose, but I just at back and let them have 2 minutes to figure it out. I was interested to see what they would choose, and why. Many workouts up on the white board require you to know what weight to choose to do the "acceptable" amount of work. But, what is that amount? What amount of weight will give you a great workout? Is it really about your coach? (NO!) If you go lighter, you will move fast and be done sooner and have a more metabolic conditioning workout. If you go heavy it will take longer and you might be there for a while...and get stronger. So what is best??? 

The answer is different for everyone, because everyone has different strengths. Some of my ladies are terrific at moving light weight for a shit ton of reps, some are amazing at chipping away at heavy weight one at a time at a great pace. So, sometimes its best to go for what you are NOT that great at. Saying "I might be here for a while" is a pretty common phrase.  I just smile because I really don't give a crap how long you are there. I want you picking up heavy weight as fast as possible. Heavy being relative for each individual person. Some ladies chose the plate and moved as fast as possible, finishing in under 80 seconds. I was blown away at the strength of those women who were moving that plate from ground to overhead without stopping once! But more than that, I was so proud of Meghan.

Meghan was the only one who picked up the 73lb stone and just didn't stop. She stole my attention and I couldn't help but watch at how fast she moved it and how determined she was to finish. She was done under five minutes. It turned out to be the perfect amount of work for her. She challenged herself and did an outstanding job!

Overall, everyone did awesome. Both ways were extremely difficult in their own way:  80 sec "grace" with a plate, and a four minute ground to shoulder stone "grace." Equally impressive at both ends of the spectrum.

So how do you pick? It just takes time. Knowing what you can do, and how fast helps. But that's an unknown. What is known is how determined you are to finish, how you approach the workout, and your drive to do it. After that, it's about just picking it up and finishing no matter what. 


  1. Meghan kicks ass! She's an inspiration to me (the other Megan). :)

  2. I really wanted to stop (and maybe puke) around reps 21-23. But in the end, my love affair with Grace continued. Best workout ever.

  3. Hell Yeah Meghan!! This chick is fierce.. so awesome training with her!