Saturday, December 22, 2012

Tripod grows wheels!

I'm sure if you are in my classes or have talked to me for 5 seconds you know who Alex and Jessica are. We call ourselves the tripod. I first met Jessica at Regionals in 2009, back when we wore running shoes to clean and jerk. We were then on the 2009 Crossfit Games team where we placed second. 

I met Alex shortly after and we all became fast friends. The tripod started hanging out at our women's only happy hour with Crossfit Central in 2009.

As time went on we got to know each other more, learned how to make each other laugh and get through tough workouts. 

We often went out and tried to arm wrestle smokers. And won. 

Training became more serious as we had our sites on the games in 2010. Alex went team, Jess and I competed individually. We all wanted to go, and did! Jess and I placed in the top four, and the team qualified.

We all coached women's only classes, so we participated in the WO events. This year we coached together from a Swan.


We continued to workout, hang out, become a solid tripod. We learned a shit ton about each other and were full on support for anything that each other needed. Break ups, marriage, divorce, work, loss of family, selling houses, buying houses, in-laws, dogs, tattoos, chocolate, wine, dancing, boys, stickers, glitter, pillow fights, everything. We don't fight because we communicate everything. There are no words that go unsaid, all feelings on the table at all times. I would do anything for these chicks, they are true friends. 

Alex left Central this past January to pursue other goals..Jessica left this month to do the same. It's so exciting to see them move on and grow! I hate that I don't get to enjoy our workout time as I once did. But the time we spend together now is so much sweeter. Crossfit Central brought us together and I will be forever thankful for working there and meeting them. But no matter where where we work or what we do, the tripod will always have support, love, encouragement, verbal smack downs, slaps on the ass, anger management, a FOUR YEAR mass text that you people will never see, and our complete adoration and love for each other. 


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