Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Lean Lifting was started because I saw a need for strength. There was something missing in the WOD’s being performed at CrossFit Central in my women’s classes. Everyone wanted to do the prescribed weight, but the gap between wanting to and being able to was frightening. The missing piece was overall strength, and I decided to start a program to make that gap become smaller or somehow disappear.

Three months into Lean Lifting I saw I created a monster. These women loved it, every minute of it. Each class someone came in with some story about how they did something on their own, no help needed, and surprised themselves on how well they handled it. The side chat in class changed from ” Does it ever get any easier?” to ” Yeah, I got my wrist wraps let’s see what I can do now.” The ladies brought this same new attitude back into our regular women’s Crossfit classes, and it changed the entire forty five minutes. I love this program, what we do, how close we have all become, and the results the ladies get weekly.

What I did not see coming was the amount of confidence that was brewing to compete. It sort of came out of nowhere, and surprised the hell out of me. I am proud to say that Jenny Flemming, Tegra Swogger, and Tina Spears will be competing at the Fittest Games next weekend. I have been coaching all of them for over a year now and I know they are ready. I am excited to watch them use their new found strength to kick some ass in the amateur and team divisions. The entire Lean Lifting program will be out there to cheer and yell, can’t wait to see it!

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  1. Go ladies!! I will be there to cheer you on, you're going to do great!!