Tuesday, January 22, 2013


My LL ladies are two weeks into the yearly GET RIPPED challenge. This consists of four weeks of food logging and some extra workouts to complete on their own time.  After the holidays everyone needs a little kick start to get moving again, and this challenge has provided some pretty awesome results. So much that I have some ladies asking for a fall get ripped as well...but I save it for the new year. 

This four weeks everyone is assigned an accountability partner to watch each other's food intake like a hawk. Not only that, but everyone involved can see each others food on a massive google document. This keeps the pressure on! Here are a few of the rules they are abiding by:

NO fruit
NO nuts
NO alcohol
NO bacon ( easy now, don't hate me )

Why?? Why not?? 

Fruit: Yes, there are extremely healthy things about fruit; they taste great, and its a super easy snack. Because its a super easy snack, its over eaten a lot. Another issue is people have no idea what an actual serving of fruit is and just take three handfuls without even knowing it. Want an apple? That is equal to 24 spears of asparagus as one serving, over two cups of Brussels sprouts, or like 200 cups of spinach. Ok, maybe not 200...but close. So the point is cutting out that easy, over eaten, sugary snack daily. 

Nuts: Fact: They are fat. Fat is good, you should have it. But 30 macadamia nuts a day= NUT GUT. They can stop you from pooping, they bloat you up, and like fruit they are easily over eaten. 

Alcohol: I cut this out purely for the fact that going without drinking is really hard. You easily become dehydrated, and again taking in tons of sugar you don't need. 

Bacon: Because I said so. Crossfitters make shirts and ridiculous looking socks that say "bacon" on them, and that makes me angry. Bacon is amazing and everything tastes better with it being a part, but please don't put it on your clothes. I digress....My point is that you could be taking in from sources that provide better nutrition. I am not a nutritionist....but I know that eating avocado or coconut oil is better than slurping down greasy-ass bacon. So there is the reasoning on that. 

I do allow the ladies to have a "grab bag" of four different items they can indulge in during the four weeks. These are meant to keep everyone happy, and my tires from being slashed. They can have all four items at once, but then they are gone for the month. Being that I attract wine lovers ( strange?!) most people have chosen four glasses of wine. That's my girls!!!!  

Get Ripped is a challenge open to my Lean Lifting program only. If you are interested in the results, check my blog in a couple of weeks for the massive inches lost report. If you want to do it, come to class! 

Good Luck ladies, we are over halfway!

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