Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Its that time of year again! Time to dedicate eight weeks to a new routine, food, workout, sleep, mood, body, and soul. The IAMCROSSFIT challenge is what got me drinking the Crossfit Central kool-aid back in 2009. I started out on the blue band in January and ended up on the Central Team at the International Crossfit Games taking second place in the world that July. So, yes, your life CAN change.   Here are my changes in 8 weeks in 2009:

  • lost 6% Body Fat
  • Got my kipping Pull up
  • Got my chest to bar pull up
  • No passing out mid day due to sugar rushes
  • Slept better
  • Elevated mood
  • Got an actual bod, not just a runner H with no muscle and no butt.
  • New Job at Crossfit Central
  • Actually LOOKED like I worked out as much as I did

SO yeah, its not corny when we say "it can change your life" because mine sure as hell did. I will never want to go back to eating every two hours so I didn't sweat through my clothes and fall on the floor while crawling towards bread to revive my broken body. Yes folks, it WAS that dramatic. 

You can paleo, you can zone, you can paleo-zone. It does not really matter, everyone is different. Find what works for you and stick with it, for life!

Here's a little pic to make you laugh, enjoy!

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  1. Wow! The change you made in 8 weeks is nothing short of amazing. You're an inspiration :) keep up the amazing work!