Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Results are in!!!! After a solid month of cutting all sugar out and completing extra workouts the group of ladies that participated in the GET RIPPED challenge lost 45 inches all together.  

The finale party was filled with desserts, pizza, and an insane amount of dark chocolate and wine. To my surprise nobody was stabbing each other over cupcakes. They didn't want to completely de-rail their success and basically snacked around the table. Everyone was sleeping really well, felt great in their clothes, and went down sizes in LULU ( upmost important, HA) so diving in on a bunch of desserts did not seem as appealing a it was a couple weeks before.

Super proud of these chicks for staying in the zone the entire month. A group of them are keeping it up with small treats weekly. Balance is the way to go, and this was a great start to teach them how to do it.

Some things gained from cutting sugar out for the month:

  • elevated mood
  • deeper/longer sleep
  • clothes fitting loose
  • down a lulu size
  • skin clearer
  • more energy in workouts
If you are in need of ANY of these things, I would highly suggest going on a thirty day cleanse of sugar. This challenge is not only about how you perform and fit in your clothes- its about how you feel day in day out. How you are sleeping, how you are coping with stress. Sugar plays a role in all of these things. What you put in your body, you get out of it. So if you need something more from yourself, look at what you are nourishing yourself with. 

Here is some feedback from a couple of the girls:
  • Sense of "strong chick" community was very prevalent, and a good source of support
  • Being on a team challenge adds a sense of accountability 
  • Recipe sharing was helpful
  • HUGE benefit in being taught to increase water intake ( goal 1oz/lb of body weight)
  • Amusing/informative tips from sassy coach
  • Did actually encourage me to try new foods
  • Camaraderie with all the ladies was awesome… kept everyone motivating
  • Foodlog helped in getting ideas and keeping everyone accountable
  • Extra wods were great
  • Get together at completion was a great reward

If you missed all the details of what went down for the month, read THIS post. 

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  1. it's hard to beat getting tips from a sassy coach.