Monday, February 4, 2013

Lean Lifting at The Fittest Games 2013

I had three athletes compete at Fittest Games this year; Tegra, Jenny, and Tina. They did amazing! I was able to run between pads and watch most of their workouts. I was running around like crazy making sure they warm up, got their heat times, and had all the equipment. After tiring myself of doing that, I realized that they had it down fine! Shoes, water, tape, chalk. I had prepared them for it and realized they were completely capable athletes without me yelling. These ladies held the mental game and physical game better than most out there in their heats. I mean, Tina did let a couple of screams out- but overall she stayed happy, HAHA. I caught up with Jenny and added a video at the bottom of the beginning of "Randy". It was so fun to watch as their coach I really didn't want to go and compete myself. SO proud of these chicks and what they have accomplished over the past couple of years. 

Great job ladies!

Tina Spears

Tegra Swogger

Jenny Flemming with a strong start on "Randy"

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