Thursday, February 7, 2013

My spoon full of sugar....

Workouts are emotional. It can bring out the happy, sad, stressed, and the teenwolf in people. You don't walk into the gym hoping to do awful and miss every lift. You walk in planning to do well, PR, feel like a strong bad ass, and then leave. When it doesn't work out that way is when you learn to deal. When something shitty is on your mind it WILL come out in your workout. It will bother you and pick at you until you deal with it. People have said to me "Jen just put it out of your head"....that's sweet but doesn't mean shit. That's not actually going to happen. The emotion of the problem will come out sometime during the workout. 

It can be great therapy to deadlift a bar and slam it into the ground a couple times. Or, if you are not as angry as I am, doing some pretty pull ups and releasing some of that stress can completely change your day. Just do something you enjoy, something you are good at. Even if its a walk around town lake, or a bike ride. My advice is to just move!

Over a year ago I remember completing an awful chipper. The last portion was a 400m run with a plate. I was carrying so much stress, sadness, depression, I had it all. As I left for the run I felt the tears flowing...and they didn't stop until I came back. I saw Jess and Alex at the end and literally collapsed in the Crossfit Central parking lot with that 25lb plate right in their laps. I was exhausted. I was carrying all that sadness, and during that workout I let it go. It felt amazing. Just to get rid of all that shit I had been carrying that day. It happens! Its ok! Let it flow...don't be embarrassed.

As a coach, I have learned when to recognize when its happening to one of my own. I know how that feels. Its hard to sit back and let them sort it out themselves. I want to jump in and fix it for them, but I know there is nothing I can do.  If they are failing and about to loose it, just change the move to something I know they are good at. It can be an intense process, and sometimes seems mean not to give them a hug or try to console-but that won't help. Just move. Just do what you are good at. Get all that shit out, and leave it at the gym. Drive away happier and better. 

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