Thursday, March 28, 2013

"GET RIPPED" results from Gael

Gael signed up for my program without telling me. No email, no phone call, no mindbody notification. She just strolled right on up to me at 6am on a Tuesday morning at RBG like she owned the place. I asked her who she was looking for and she said....YOU. Apparently she was in, and I had no idea! At that time my program had a six month CrossFit pre requisite. Come to find out Gael had been in a level one class for a bit....just a bit. I was tempted to let her know after the first class about this rule and why I had it in place. After an hour I just shut my mouth and let it happen. She wanted to be in there, and there was no other option for her. 

I love the fact that she asked for no permission. She took ACTION and just got her ass to the gym. Nobody deserves to not get what they want when they just stand up and attempt to take it! 

She fit right in with all my other LL personalities: Trash talker, hilarious, empathetic, supportive, smart, bitchy, mouthy, moody and strong. She has had major strength gains in the time she has been in class, and I am looking forward to the upcoming year with her. 

Gael participated in this January's "GET RIPPED" challenge, here is her story:

Right after New Year's, the women of Lean Lifting took on an "eat clean, eat light, exercise fiercely, be accountable" challenge under the watchful eye of Coach Jen Shaw. Boy, did I need this challenge! I kept a food log for the first time in my life -- while eating strict Paleo for the first time, too -- and what an amazing difference those 4 weeks have made. Gone are the sweet cravings (well, i'll be honest, almost gone). I actually feel better eating this way and have stuck with it -- so this turned out to be way more than a 4 week challenge; this changed my eating habits forever. I bumped my exercise up some, too, from 5 days a week to 6. The results? 8 pounds lost and 8 inches lost! Down a size! And while I am really, truly ecstatic about those results, what I loved most was the 4 weeks of encouragement, camaraderie, and accountability with a truly amazing and inspiring group of women.