Thursday, March 14, 2013

IAM is what??

The IAMCROSSFIT 2013 has officially ended. By now everyone is basking in the bloated belly glow of gluten, alcohol, and all sorts of desserts. I am sure there has been some sleepless nights, achy bellies, swollen eyes, acne, awful workouts, maybe even some sickness started. This goes on every year on the ending weekend of IAM. Its to be expected! If you took this challenge 100% serious and cut out all crap food you did the right thing. The question is now, how to re direct your diet to your lifestyle when you coach is not watching your every bite. 

Know yourself. Know your goals. What are you trying to do here? There are several different ways to approach this. My angle is and always as been about balance and living. You cannot expect to carry on the IAM challenge throughout the year. Its not reasonable. So first step is to be honest with yourself. What did you give up that you KNOW will be sneaking back in your diet soon? Is it worth it? What is "worth it." Here are some examples:

Hey Cupcake trailer while hanging out with the family on South Congress in the great weather= WORTH IT

HEB tiny cupcake that came from a plastic container and resembled a brick in the throat work because it's just there= 

NOT worth it

Friends BBQ on the weekend with homemade salsa, corn chips, margaritas and family= WORTH IT

Out to eat with work peeps you don't really like at a shitty mexican place where you don't want to be, and you clean out the chips and salsa= 

NOT worth it

On a date with a person you like, ending it with some Lick Ice Cream on South Lamar= WORTH IT

Sitting on the couch alone and feeling like you "deserve it" for not having it for 8 weeks= 

NOT worth it

Get my drift? Its all about choices. Eat well all the time, I mean ALL the time. Have 3 to 4 meals a day with a protein, veggies and lots of water. Eat when you are hungry, stop when you are not hungry. Its literally that simple. You don't need a paleo just need to keep it simple and mix it up. 

Don't make one night a week a "cheat night" because you will get lost in the struggle and end up right back where you started....looking at the calendar for the next Crossfit Central challenge and just eating whatever until the challenge, because when it starts you will really get focused. NO!!!! That is an awful plan. What if your friends call up and want to go have fun..but you have already had your "cheat night" and you tell them that?!?! LAME. Don't plan...just go with it. 

When an opportunity presents itself to go have some will know that you have eaten well and its ok!!! Example: Matti is coming into town next weekend. I am going to trashbomb this city up! Anna, Catherine, Matti, Katy, and others will be BBQ'ing amazing meat and might make my homemade salsa...its going to be great. Now, I KNOW for sure that I will be splurging on wine and desserts. It doesn't bother me a bit! Why? Because making the way you have learned to eat as a lifestyle changes everything. Its not a challenge, its life! You should live and have fun!!

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