Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I was raised to be at the table by 6pm sharp or major consequences would come to life. What a bitch my mom was. NO, that is what is seemed at the time. What she was doing was getting off of a twelve hour day working two jobs and KNOWING her children. Phone was off the hook, which got very interesting and dramatic when I started dating and was expecting calls. I knew to not even LOOK at the phone. It was not happening ( even though the cord stretched to the bathroom). But I never hated it, I enjoyed talking and teasing all of my siblings about my day. Our life started at the dinner table. All major good and bad conversations happened there. It was where I grew up and fell in love with my family. So easy to see why dinner is such an important event in my day.

I have lived in Austin since 2007, been paleo since 2008. I love the ACT of the meal. The sit down restaurant that is not to loud and not too quite, the two glasses of wine before the food comes, a dinner with quality food and ingredients, all of it. I love it! Dinner is definitely an occasion for me. I have high standards when it comes to dinner. Now that I have my own house, I don't use paper towels for napkins, and there is not a piece of plastic silverware or a paper plate in my house....ever.

This all being said I pride myself on having amazing nights out in Austin. Now has come the time to share where I think you should eat! I have started a new blog to take pics and get the information out to the athletes in Austin. It's called www.FitFoodieATX.com

This site is just a private blog, nothing fancy. But I will honestly tell you what I thought about the place, concentrating on the paleo/healthy/gluten free side of the city. Check it out!

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