Sunday, May 5, 2013

530 VS 615 2013 Throwdown!

It's back! The 2013 530 vs 615 THROWDOWN will begin in the morning! Here are the details: 

Rule #1: Each class must appoint one person to keep track of points the entire month.
Rule #2: There must be 10 people in class for any points to be earned.
Rule #3: Warm up push ups DO NOT count. However, push ups ( and all other moves ) count in workouts.
Rule #4: All points have to be obtained IN, AFTER, or BEFORE CLASS for Jaime or myself.
Rule #5: ALL participating class members must earn a minimum of 10 points throughout the month. 

You will have 5 total minutes to complete any points possible each day after the warm up.

How to earn points: ( one point each )

  • set of 5 strict pull ups
  • set of 15 kipping pull ups
  • set of 10 perfect push-ups unbroken
  • set of 15 perfect KB swings @20kg
  • set of 30 perfect KB swings @16kg
  • 500m row under 2:15
  • 800m run under 4 minutes
  • 30 unbroken double unders
  • one rope climb
  • 20 body weight back squats
An added 50 points will go to anyone who chooses to do a strict paleo diet the entire month, with me checking food logs twice a week :)

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