Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Autism Speaks

Autism Speaks is a foundation close to my heart. My brother Brett is autistic, and probably the cutest little brother ever! This past Memorial Day Autism Speaks held an 8k at Camp Mabry. Since me and my ladies are training for a half marathon soon we decided it would be a great training run. The race was 5 miles with some hills, and lots of humidity! 

All proceeds went straight into Autism Speaks. I could not have been more happy that Becky, Cheray, and Leslie did it with me. True sisters and such amazing women. 

 Leslie finishing!

Cheray coming in the finish. 

Lean Lifting is more than just a group of strangers who meet twice a week to throw some heavy shit around. Its an air tight group of bad ass bitches that would do anything to help another out, support each other, be there when needed, share wine, understand, get stronger, and be who they pictured themselves being. Even if that means running five miles to support a friend with a super cute little bro :)

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